lee minhyuk of btob. fascinated, never held.

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts."

-listens to your song, sings and then gets confused- Well, this is different. Welcome to Xprez 

Sorry for that swerve, haha. Thanks.

Welcome to XPREZ :+) 

Thanks very kindly, Taehyung-._.-

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Welcome to Xprez! We are very glad to have you here with us. Please feel free to follow the rest of the masterlist and write a little introductory textpost tagged as xprez;fam to let the other members know that you've arrived. Other than that, we hope you enjoy your stay. 

Thank ya! Glad to be here.

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you're pretty ouo 

Damn right. You’re pretty too, maknae. Perhaps, even prettier than me.

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{/she laughs softly and looks down at you, running her fingers through your hair gently} It's okay, baby... 

[‘pulling himself to his feet, he cups your face in his hands; I’m really sorry. I’m so, so sorry. I’m dumb, I know. You deal with me, and I love you for it. [‘he places a kiss on your forehead; You look pretty, by the way.


… It was an email problem. ;; [‘whispers, clings to your legs; Forgive me.

zcribble replied to your post: “ayoooooo!! -gang signs-”:
how you been, dude!! I thought ya’ died -cackles-

I keep dying because I’m dumb. I’ve been good, even though schedules are murdering me. What the heck, even the holidays were chaotic. You doin’ alright, man?

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[`—★  In other news, I miss my queen.